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Friday, February 23, 2007

Pirate Shower Curtain ($19)

Sometimes being clean isn't enough. Sometimes you need to feel clean and swashbuckling. That's when you turn to the pirate shower curtain. Arr! From Archie McPhee, home of such oddities as the bacon-flavored breath mints. (...Don't ask.)


thistle said...

My boyfriend has that shower curtain! And I have to say, I would only get it if you have a light right above the shower. Otherwise, black curtain=dark, scary showers.

bradystjames said...

thats a cool shower curtain, they have alot of cool ones here also.

in fact they have a lot of cool stuff period.

shoppista said...

Thistle, yeah, I bet it's a little scary! But maybe if you put on your waterproof eyepatch... or not.