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Friday, March 16, 2007

Extra! Target Sale Roundup

Target's doing some massive clearance on their Global Bazaar line, so I rummaged through the bin to bring you the best of the cheapest.

Four bamboo dipping bowls for $3. Hello? That's less than a dollar a bowl. 'Nuff said.

Huge natural-weave basket for $25, marked down from fifty. Great for toys, blankets, towels... anything you need easily accessible but stylishly stowed.

Three-drawer table/nightstand at $105, and it's got nice hardware and detailing on the legs. Plus, right now, if you spend over $75 in the Home department, they ship for free.

Floral applique pillow for $13. This is the cream of the crop from the clearance pillows: gorgeous, luxe-looking detailing at a great price point.

Natural color banana-leaf tray for $9, thereby rendering breakfast in bed more affordable than ever.

Set of four delicate green crackle glaze plates for $10. And that's not all: lots of other green crackle glaze stuff is languishing in clearance (teapots and so on) if you like these.

Bamboo tray from Vietnam with a green lacquer finish for $8. Food-safe, and it looks like a great home for a tea-set or even your keys and wallet.

Black and silver glass floral vase for $18. Maybe this is a trifle spendy (only for Target clearance), but check out the very of-the-moment modernist floral design.

I admit up front, the pink kimono vase (marked down to $10) isn't for everyone. There's something wrong about its headlessness, and so on. And yet I feel drawn to it. Be careful lest you be caught in its tractor beam. Or is that exactly what you want?