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Friday, May 25, 2007

Extra! Home & Garden Sale at Amazon

Amazon's blowout home & garden sale has some scary items, but lots of good stuff too. Below, the good stuff.

Remanufactured Cuisinart Cordless Electric Kettle,for $25, marked down from $70.

I've swooned over the Typhoon food scale before; here it is in pink for $18, down from the usual $40.

These classic metal table lamps usual go for about what this one was pre-markdown: $150. But you can get onenow for just $34. Sweet!

We've all been there: sometimes a few glasses in, a wide gesture sends your wineglass flying. These stemless glasseskeep you from accidentally soaking your mother-in-law in Merlot. $6 for two, down from $14.

Adorable and indestructible, the Jamie Oliver tiered party platesmake more room for your tiny little sandwiches. Now $25 down from $72.

This industrial-chic remanufactured Cuisinart toasterdoesn't just toast; it kicks ass and takes names. $22, marked down from $90.

The Zak Designs gallery medium traysepitomize updated retro. Get eggshell or black for $14, or pool blue for $7, marked down from $16.

Want to make lots of soup? Not a problem with Farberware 10-quart stainless steel stockpot.Usually $105, you can pick it up for $34.

A perfect, and perfectly darling, metal colanderfor small jobs. $8, down from $18. Also available in pinkand greenand blue, oh my.

Who doesn't like to dip things in other things? Even better: when "other things" = chocolate. Get a Rival chocolate fountainfor $24, down from $60.

Zak Designs' 5-piece place settingsnazzes up even a so-so lunch. $11, down from $24.

Hard-core blending for hard-core cocktail parties. Or, um, milkshakes. You know. Whatever. Factory-reconditioned Cuisinart blenderat $35, formerly $150.