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Friday, June 29, 2007

Extra! Acacia Sale

Below, all our favorites from Acacia's current sale.

A gorgeous handmade stoneware tea set for two with a white tray. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Originally $33, now $23.

Marked down from $139, the mango wood table lamp is handmade and sanded by hand for maximum luster. Now $88.

Made from recycled aluminum, this set of doves can hold salt & pepper or sauces. Marked down from $39 to $25.

Carafe and four tumblers, 100% recycled glass, now $15.

Clever solution to having either the dust-covered guest soap no one is allowed to use, or else a half-melted, slime-bottomed bar no one wants to use: soap leaves. $15 for 40 (down from $24).

This small doggy travel kit (originally $14, now $7) has herbal insect repellent, fur cleaner, fancy shampoo, and even anti-dog-smell spray in one package.

The lavender jelly bath claims to turn your bath into some kind of gel that will stay warm longer and smell delicious, then dissolve when you sprinkle salt (included in packet) on it. Now $19. It scares me. But I would try it on a dare.

The year of soaps gets you twelve differently scented soaps, including lavender, tea rose, and mango butter. Yum! Now $27.

J-41 has a long history of making sickeningly adorable shoes, and these are no exception. Marked down to $50 from $85.