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Friday, June 15, 2007

Extra! Anthropologie Sale

As usual, we rummage in the bargain bins for you and find all the good stuff...

Inner glow bowl, white on the outside, with a shocking orange splash on the inner bowl. $30, down from $48.

Beautiful and sustainable, the sweet and sour bowl is made of bamboo, and has a handy notch for serving utensils. $20, down from $48.

Cool white stoneware, the pebbled serving bowl is now $50 (originally $88).

The primary colors glass would be a hit on the fourth of July, I'm guessing. Now $8 per glass, down from $12.

This linen/cotton towel has perky kitchen colors, plus the recipe for soda bread. Originally $14, now $8.

The garland tablecloth has a great vintage print. $50, down from $108.

The exuberant petal burst duvet in queen and king is now on sale for $100 (originally $198-$208).

I love the moonscape hurricane candleholder's creamy glaze and cool cutouts. Now $30, down from $58.

There's something a little surreal about this appealing striped elephant toy (originally $32, now $10).

The fancy scrollwork and original scents of these 100% beeswax candles make them a great gift (maybe for yourself?). Now $15, down from $28.

There's a subtle crackle glaze effect on these pillar candleholders . I fall for crackle glaze every time. Lemon or orange, originally $18, now $10.