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Friday, June 22, 2007

Extra! Sur La Table Summer Sale

Sur La Table's summer sale is running out of everything, fast. So if you see something you like below, I'd move quickly before it goes out of stock, too. Here's the list of appealing deals that were still in stock at publication:

Olives are yummy. Moroccan olives in three different flavors are bound to be even yummier. Now $9.

White ceramic colander and plate for $30. This would be cute for serving washed fruit at the table without a) waiting forever for it to dry or b) bringing it in a dribbly regular colander.

This thingamajig adjusts to measure wet and dry ingredients. Nifty! Was $14, is now $10.

If you've been thinking about dabbling in making your own chocolates (next Christmas, maybe?), you can get a set of 30 tinned steel chocolate molds right now for $5.

Love the design on the majolica bunny platter, now $15. (Psst—it says green's not available, but then, the website lets you order green. So, who knows?)

Vintage camembert label plates, marked down from $20 to $15.