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Friday, August 10, 2007

Extra! MOMAstore Summer Sale

The Museum of Modern Art has fantastic exhibits, sure, but for those of us who are not (sadly!) New Yorkers, at least we can absorb a little culture through their online shop. And it's having a sale of its many objets d'art. Below, our favorites in affordable design.

What's not to love about the perky loops and cute stubby feet of this chrome-plated ceramic bowl? Originally $65, it's now only $35.

Marked down from $38, the stoneware tea bowls in this set of four are big enough for serving desserts, too. Now $25.

I know you can pick up a Dustbuster for peanuts at any big box store, but this handheld vacuum is so beautiful you could display it on your coffee table. Also? Special attachments for vacuuming liquids. Eat that, Dustbuster. Originally $139, now $110.

I love—love!—this adorable Japanese cedar round calculator (solar-powered, of course) marked down from $75 to $60.

A hot—but classic— Marimekko bag marked down from $135 to $60.

This distinctive designer watch is marked down from $135 to $80.

Formerly $79, you can get this brown leather iPod case for $30. And if you like teal, they have a teal one for only $10.

Any old-skool Mac owner or IT type will find it hard to resist these notecards with classic computer icons on them. Formerly $5, now $3.

Send your friends angsty (or just arty) notes with these Munch print notecards marked down from $16 to $5.

Yummy colors, no? Sexy architecture poster marked down from $18 to $2.

Something for the kids: a memory game, originally $30, that has arty photos of round stuff. Teach 'em to like good design early, right? $23