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Monday, February 4, 2008

Blogiversary: One Year

One year ago Sunday, after having tumbled around for some time what to do exactly about the highly unproductive hours I spend shopping online, I came to the realization that I should do what every other person with an internet connection does in America: start a blog about my obsession, and bore others.

I didn't know if I would keep posting, or whether it would be too hard, or if I would get bored, but it turns out that my interest in the ephemeral doodads that keep our economy rolling is simply endless, so here we are, a year later—and at this point, I plan to keep going until I run out of stuff to want, or until we all perish in a nuclear winter, whichever comes first.

I wasn't sure anyone would read my pointless little blog, but I'm surprised and immensely flattered each day when I check my stats (and oh, do I check them) to discover that people do. So, thanks to all of you who tune in and give me an actual reason to keep handing out recommendations for whatever shiny things have caught my attention that day. And thanks for your emails to let me know what you love and what I should feature—keep 'em coming!