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Monday, October 27, 2008

Mary Jane Crocs ($29)

Back in the day (you know, in aught seven, with the horseless carriages, etc.) I commented on the cuteness of the Mary Jane crocs, but I realized I never reported back as a proud MJ Croc owner.

I have the black ones, and they are really very nearly my daily shoe. You can wear them sockless (important in the hot Gulf Coast area) and your feet never get sweaty because of the fancy air holes. Unlike a lot of similar looking sandals, the MJ Crocs also never smell bad, despite all this sockless use and abuse. I assume they are imbued with some kind of miracle bad-smell-eating molecule, but maybe instead this is just an air hole function. Whatever, Shoppista is not an engineer.

What else do I love? Well, you can wear stripey socks with these if the mood strikes you, and little bits of your colorful socks peekaboo through the holes. Also, you can stand for hours—important for teachers and other professional standers-up—and your feet don't hurt because of the dreamy air-cushiony-ness.

In short, you should buy some of these. Try Zappos—they have free shipping!

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