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Monday, January 5, 2009

Logitech Pure-Fi iPod Boombox ($120)

After some research into various iPod speaker systems, Chez Windowshoppist purchased one of these recently, and we are big fans. First of all, it comes with a zillion different docking ports. Some of us have shiny new iPods and others of us have fragile elderly iPods, so flexibility is important. This system is also tiny—tiny!—but with freakishly good sound quality. Finally (and very crucially for the deeply lazy), it has a remote control, natch, which will change songs, play, pause, switch modes, and so on. I know there are very fancy iPod sound systems out there, but for budget-minded types who nonetheless want something with nice sound, we recommend this system.



Belabras said...

It also comes with it's own carrying case. :)

shoppista said...

Yes! That too. :p