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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Huge Super Shockwave Backpack, or: "The Things She Carries" ($70)

Shoppista requires certain things of bags. They must be cute. They must have handy pockets. And they must hold many things. How many things? Shoppista carries multiple writing implements, post-it notes in several shapes and sizes, a notebook, a notebook computer, a book, a back-up book in case the first book is unappealing, an entire cosmetic zip bag of lip glosses, a pair of barrettes, a pair of back-up barrettes, an extensive supply of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, a glasses repair kit, hand wipes, folders full of grading, reading assignments, a diet coke, a backup diet coke, an elderly granola bar for snack emergencies, and a pashmina shawl. This is not all; this is just Shoppista's baseline load of things on an average day. Sometimes she also carries a camera.

Shoppista is not a bag minimalist. This bag is not minimal. It is also cute, and has handy pockets.

Any questions?

From L.L. Bean.

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