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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Moving, Remodeling

Oh, readers. Shoppista remembers the days of her wee city apartment, when she could fantasize freely about argyle umbrellas and Etsy earrings. Then she bought a house and decided to remodel the shower.

Here is a sample shopping list from the last few weeks of Shoppista's life:

1. 5/8" drywall
2. Joint compound
3. Drywall screws
4. Drywall nails
5. Power drill (a Ryobi,, if you were wondering)
6. Sledgehammer
7. Latex caulk

As soon as Shoppista has a functioning shower, she very much hopes to blog more about cute socks, Hello Kitty pencil boxes, and so on. Although to be honest, it's likely she will also mention tile grout and grass seed. Such is (home-owning) life, apparently.

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