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Monday, July 6, 2009

Super Secret Project Announced

Shoppista went and bought a house. The picture to the left is the view from the porch. As befits Shoppista's graduate student status, the house is modest and slightly in need of some DIY, which could not make Shoppista happier, seriously!

Anyway, move-in is going on over the next few weeks after months of dilly-dallying and uncertainty concerning the sale, and then this blog may pick up its posting feet just a bit. Don't be disturbed if some of the new posts are on doorknobs and tile... You know how new homeowners are.


thistle said...


shoppista said...

Thank you! Here at Chez Shoppista we are very excited, albeit covered in drywall dust.

flea said...

Woof. I feel the pain of your forced marriage to Home Depot. Right now I'm painting the ceilings in our kitchen and family room, which is actually one giant ceiling, so if you have to paint one, you have to paint the whole thing. My back hurts.